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DP15501 Drill Press "rattle" question

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  • DP15501 Drill Press "rattle" question

    Just bought the Ridgid drill press, carefully set it up and added the Woodpeckers table top. For the price (around $200 with show discounts and rebate!) I really like this drill. It is reasonably quite and has controlled vibration. However, there is a small rattle that seems to come from the spindle. There is about 1/16" of rotational play in the chuck, which is to say that there is rotational play in the spindle itself. I don't know that this will affect vibration or drilling accuracy. However, it is a bit annoying and from all that I have read, the spindle should not have this play. Remember, this is not side to side play, as the runout looks minimal (I have not measured it yet.) This is rotational play. Any thoughts?
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