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  • Ridgid Oscillating Sander

    I have an oscillating sander and I'm sick and tired of playing with the tensioning screw.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the sander so the paper will track for more than a minute without needing adjusting?


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    I remember that it was quite touchy at first, but now it pretty much stays right in place. Is yours new? If so, just give it a little time. I don't know if it "settles" into place or something, but mine doesn't really move much anymore. This probably took a month or something.
    Anyone else had a similar experience?


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      I've got an EB also and I found that when the belt needed replacing and I went to HF and got cheap ones and it turned into a major mistake - could not keep them adjusted at all. I broke down and spent the $7.00 apiece for some goooood ones and it soved my problem. The cheap ones would not track and the lap joint made a big bump when it came around. r


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        Rick is correct. Cheap belts have a much harder time tracking. Though it is a pain, for a buck a belt, I just deal with it.

        I also noticed that heavy presure on good belts can throw the tracking off. Just let the grit eat away at it's own pace, and tracking will be better.
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          I have one and haven't had a problem with the tracking at all.


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            They are right about the belt being the major problem.
            Try this site for great prices on good belts. The guy I talked to was very knowledgeable.super prices on everything. I'm very happy with the quality.