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R4511 Blade won't raise all the way

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  • R4511 Blade won't raise all the way

    Well I got my saw put togehter. Aligned the wings perfectly, had the Herc-U-Lift working properly, it ws looking great. Untill I tried to raise the blade for the first test cut. It gets about 1.5" above the saw and then you feel the gear slip. I'm not sure if the spindle is bent or if the cresent shaped gear is out of spec. I'm wainting to call Ridgid. Any thoughts in the meantime?

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    Re: R4511 Blade won't raise all the way

    Something in your trunnion is off. The last time it happened when I just found out 2 days ago on my craftsman 22104 (precursor to the R4511) was the gear on my trunnion assembly had cracked completely and everytime i was lifting the saw blade up, it will almost make it up and then slipped a lot of gear tooth behind. Then, i opened it couple of days ago and was checking it out and the gear just fell down. It was my fault though. I had dropped the saw couple of years ago when i was trying to turn it over to install the dust chute. My back gave way. That was stupid of me. That is why i ended up buying the R4511 which HD delivered just 1/2 hour ago.

    There could be other possibilities. The pin/shaft that is holding the gear that makes the blade go up/down, that could be bent possibly.

    If you open the saw and watch closely while you move the blade up, you will see what is causing it to slip.

    Good luck.