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Oscillating edge belt/spindle sander Help the new guy

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  • Oscillating edge belt/spindle sander Help the new guy

    My EB4424 has problems or I do.
    It says in the manual that the belt assembly comes attached mine didn't.(note)
    So I attatch it and start it up man is it noisy took back apart and noticed the fan lays directly in the bed of the sander.That'll get chewed up fast and doesn't seem right.
    Theres a split ring mounted at the base of the spindle that rides on a steele plate is that right? I also noticed that 3/4" above the other split ring theres a groove for another split ring.
    Is that where the fan should actually be (providing I put a ring there.)Also I cant squeeze my drums with the spindle nut and washers because itll be laying on the fan wich is laying in the bed of the sander.So the spindle is to long for the drum to work.So am I missing a split ring that the fan rides on in order to keep it out of the bed and create a space for debris?

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    I don't know about the new models, but my older grey model, in the manual is a complete parts breakdown, which you should be able to assemble all the components from looking at. Look there to see what's missing.

    Also check Ridgid's site, they have the manual online, and the parts section if you need to order, or call customer service to ask for a missing part in your purchase. Best bet is to return it and let the pro's handle it, and get one that is the way it's suppose to be.

    I've read on this board that if a machine is defective, than it has to be replaced with a current model, reguardless of purchase price if the model you purchased is no longer available. Might work to your advantage to getting a newer model if you purchased an older one for a discount.
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      Thanks UO_Woody took it back to HD lastnight and opened another box.What I found was the spindle was mounted incorrectly.The reason I could see both snap rings is one of them was suppose to be behind the deck plate. So I exchanged and when I got my new one home it had some scratches on the table and the block the small idler slides into was all scratched up so I'm thinking their quality control sucks.But it works so I'll keep it.