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  • Great Toolstand / Cart....

    I had been keeping my eye on the pricing for this DeWalt stand to use for my Ridgid Planer:

    When I first saw it on Amazon, it was something like $120 but I kept prioritizing other things. Then it jumped to ~$180 where it has been for months... so I planned on building one. It's come down a bit lately...

    Yesterday, I saw and bought this at Sam's Club for $165 instead:

    Mee Likey!

    For what I would have to pay for the wood, castors and drawer slides, it would have cost me the same in the end. I might even buy two more, putting them back to back with a homebuilt "bridge" top to make an assembly bench.

    I've been keeping my eye out for tool stands/carts, etc. for awhile, and this is the best deal I've come across by far. The reviews on the Sam's Club site are excellent; I plan on assembling this today and will see for myself. I'll post back if anyone is interested. It sometimes seems like there's always a need in workshops for tool stands / rolling carts so I thought someone here might be interested...

    I'm spending the day re-organizing my's so out of control right now I can't even find a horizontal surface to work on anything!


    That cart is really, really nice. It went together very easily...lots of screws but it's designed with threaded inserts so there aren't nuts to deal with {INSERT JOKE HERE}.

    Every piece fit together accurately and obviously. Every part had a sticker with a clear, simple part #, which way is up and which way is the front. Instructions and illustrations were in clear English. It was absolutely the best-designed assembly I've ever dealt with.

    I'm not joking here: I'm going to make it a point to write the manufacturer to give them a pat on the back for doing it SO right and I'm going to write a review on (I've never bothered writing a review though I live on Amazon).

    Further, I'm forgetting about buying two more of these: I'm buying four more of these and use them as a base for a new workbench/assembly table.

    No kidding, I can't believe how good these are, and at the price, they're a steal!

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    Re: Great Toolstand / Cart....

    When I got my DW735 five years ago, that stand was $89. I thought it was expensive then for what it is, but I was able to pick one up for $69 when I bought it with the planer. I built an accessory for mine that fits in the stand. It allows the planer to be used mobile or fixed and still collect chips. It works great (patent pending, or I'd tell you more). I'm in negotiations to sell or market the idea with a couple companies now, but no time table for a release has been set at this early stage. I'm shooting for a target price of $199, it will be worth it believe me because it includes all the function of the stand, so compared to the DeWalt stand you get the added functionality of my invention for $20.
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      Re: Great Toolstand / Cart....

      If you're going to put four together for a table (I'm assuming two pairs back to back) you'll have to swap out the fixed casters for swivels or put all the swivels on one side and all the fixed ones in the same direction. I did a similar thing with two Craftsmen rolling mechanic's tool chests. I rotated the rear fixed casters 90 degrees, the connected the two with 3/4 ply (they have a raised lip that I made 3/4" inserts for which were then attached to the ply that bridges the two. I have them about 3 feet apart which turned out to be the perfect fit for my Rigid shop vac to fit into. And the whole deal slides under my workbench which is 3/4 ply supported by 1.25 x1.25 angle iron across the front so I could slide the rolling table under it. I needed drawers for mechanic's tools. But what you found looks great for a wood shop as long as you can modify the casters as necessary.

      If you wait for the holidays, those rolling tool cabinets always go on sale, but don't go cheap, go for the ones with the roller bearing slides and griplatch handles. Oh I also swapped one of the handles from one side to the other so the handles were facing each other in the gap where I can grab them and maneauver the whole thing out.
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        Re: Great Toolstand / Cart....

        Originally posted by Smack View Post
        If you're going to put four together for a table (I'm assuming two pairs back to back) you'll have to swap out the fixed casters for swivels or put all the swivels on one side and all the fixed ones in the same direction.
        Actually, my plan would be to not install the casters, as the unit is 35" high with them. If I added a 2" ~ 3" top to them, it would definitely sit too high...especially in my not-very-high-ceiling situation! I'll eventually find lots of uses for the casters...

        I would remove the handles as well, as they would interfere with clamping around the perimeter.

        I'd love to have enough space in my shop to have something like this on casters (though lower) for me to move around at will, but unfortunately, I don't have that much room in my basement shop. "Where it is" is pretty much where "it will always be". Of course, the fact that the four bases would be separate from each other and the top would be removable means if I buy a big cabinet saw someday and needed the space to bring it in, I could still move the whole rig in half an hour or so.