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MLCS Router Extension for TS3650?

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  • MLCS Router Extension for TS3650?

    I am looking at either the MLCS or the Mule Cab router extension tables for the 3650 saw. The MLCS is impressive in that the Melamine-clad MDF tabletop is 1 3/8" thick. That is almost as thick as the right wing (1 1/2") that I want to mount it next to, so that leads me to wonder what the best way would be to mount the table to the saw. The table also has a frame underneath that is 1 1/8" thick, ostensibly for mounting the table, but that frame would lie below the rails on the 3650 for the most part.

    I'm also considering the Mule Cab table extension. It is only 5/8" thick, but that allows the underpinned aluminum frame to bolt to the rails on the 3650.

    Who is using either table, and how did you mount it? If you have the Mule Cab table, do you consider it thick enough to be stable?


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    Its cheaper to Bild your Own

    Thats my honest opinion. MDF and Laminate are Cheap.


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      i have the mulecab. i liked the price. also i like the fact that the miter gauge from the ts can be used in the t -track for the router extension. craftsman has a router extension but the fence and miter seemed very sub-par.

      so right now im using the ts fence for the router and the ts miter moved over to the router.

      maybe not the best solution but does seem to work quite well. price is good too as they both came with the saw.


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        I just finished building my own, I used some old prelaminated countertop skirted with oak scrap I had and I bought the Rouseau phenolic insert total cost with buying bolts to mount it $38. And took about 2 hours to do. Shop built is usually what I go for on things like this.