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    Re: Shutdown Shudder

    Many people have bought the R4511 and are very satisfied with it. Some have observed minor annoyances, such as fence alignment or a little shutdown shudder, or even some vibration while running.

    I have seen all these things in mine, and all of them combined do not motivate me to haul it back to HD. I got a very good deal on what I believe to be a very good saw. I know I could have spent 3-5 times as much and got a much better saw which would have allowed me to balance nickels, but frankly, nickel-balancing has never inspired me all that much.

    The vibration you have described elsewhere is way beyond what others have seen. This is a defect or a damaged part. Defects and damage do happen, even with non-Chinese manufacturers. That is the reason for warranties.

    From what I have heard, Ridgid handles warranty claims very well. That's the course I'd have chosen, but that's just me.

    FWIW, I have eliminated most of the vibration including the "shutdown shudder" by upgrading the belt and the motor and arbor sheaves. I did not pursue the warranty for these items, because I did not see them as defective.
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      Re: Shutdown Shudder

      I get a little wind down or decel shudder/vibe but its not enough to tip a nickel, and I move my machine around every time I use it and then back to the wall for storage.

      I think you have to get some vibe, because of the interaction of motor, belt, and pulleys when you cut the juice. I would think its a torque issue on shutdown. The weight of the machine seems to minimize it greatly.

      My old contractor saw would shudder enough to probably spill coffee, so the barely detectable vibe on my 4511 is fine with me.


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        Re: Shutdown Shudder

        For everyone that has the problem, please try removing the belt(s) and just let the motor run. Be sure everything is solid and won't flop around before starting the motor. Rather than using the power switch, try pulling the plug to stop the motor. If you have a nice smooth coast down, then really look over pulleys and the belt(s) for any ruff spots, wobble or oput of roundness issues. Also, with the belt(s) off, remove the blade and manually spin the arbor. Also, try moving it around. Is there any play in it? You should be able to find the cause without too much effort. If any of this seems too hard or beyond you, maybe a mechanic type friend or neighbor can help.

        I think we dream about the old USA made Powermatic 66 beast table saw that ran like a dreamy machine, weighed a ton and was a woodworker's delight. The Delta Unisaw all fixed up runs really nice too. It's easy to get spoiled, but any good table saw should run nice given a little work on our part. Cast pot metal pulleys (sheeves), belts from China and in many cases poorly balanced motors from China can all cause a machine not to run as it should. The issue is to find the weakest part and replace it with something better. Then try running the machine again.

        When it comes to belts, get a lighted magnifier (if you can find one) and really examine the belt. Are there any bumps, lumps, zig-zag areas or such. If yes, and even if minor, replace the *&*& belt with a good one. I could not believe the difference nice GoodYear industrial V-belts made on a drill press. OK, I knew it would be different, just not the day VS night difference. For about $25, I had a totally different machine for a good friend. Next came some careful adjusting.

        I best end this, but put simple, look for the little stupid things and please take your time checking each part carefully.


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          Re: Shutdown Shudder

          if anyone wants to watch this clip on the r4511 vibrating arbor could be remedied by new belt or uprgaded pulleys my saw currently has the same thing and Ridgid is having a service tech in my area come and check the arbor


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            Re: Shutdown Shudder

            The factory belt on mine looked pretty good, but I went ahead and got a replacement from McMaster, and it has reduced what little shudder I had.
            I don't even notice it anymore.


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              Re: Shutdown Shudder

              What you're measuring in the video will affect blade wobble, but not the vibration being discussed here.

              If you put the dial indicator on the pulley (preferably on the part where the belt runs), you can see if there's any eccentricity in the pulley. This can possibly be improved with an upgraded pulley or by shimming the pulley on the shaft.

              If you put the dial indicator on the motor frame and rotate the arbor, you can see how much the motor moves as a result of all the anomalies in the system (arbor, pulleys, and belt).