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4330 planer has anyone got a fix....?

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  • 4330 planer has anyone got a fix....?

    Has any one found a fix for the cutting head lowering on its own.

    I have been very happy with the 4330 for a year now and 2 days ago it started lowering the cutter head on its own.

    I have looked it over and can find nothing to adjust or tighten to fix the problem.

    I called Ridgid and the tech said its not supposed to do that, no kidding. They say there must be some parts bad and I would have to take it the server center, which is about 60 + miles from me.

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    I fixed it.....

    I just could not at this time take the planer in, I needed it to finish a project I am working on.

    So I started looking a little closer and deeper to see what could be doing it. I am not sure if this is the fix that Ridgid would have done but it worked.

    Lay the planer on its side or up on its end, there are 2 covers over the chain that goes to each corner to turn the screws to raise or lower the head. There are 2 idlers that have eccentrics in them. In my case one was loose and was letting the chain be very loose. I turned the eccentric until the chain was tight and found that was to much and you could not turn the crank very well. I then loosened it a little and tried it again, bingo....... now it does not lower when I am running it.


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      Re: 4330 planer has anyone got a fix....?

      That is good to know....I just bought one yesterday and I have not even opened the box yet. I heard that was one of the problems with this particular planer. It is nice to know there is a fix if/when mine does this.