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Dust Collector or Shop Vac network (Long Post)

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    Cranky, you da man! Thanks for the info and links.

    Jet offers their cannister Dustcollector filter as used on their DC2200CK that, supposedly, can be retro-fitted to other dustcollectors. Thats another $200 but, sounds like it would be a significant upgrade for any system.

    I'm getting the HF 2HP and an upgraded bag as mentioned in this thread.

    Crank, you got plans for an Air Filter?
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      Back-ordered - my least favorite words!
      I suspect it due to interest and that thing they now do called stocking this unit in retail stores which they never used to. Any chance you have one in area? May be solution for speedier results - when they ship them here they literally have a full container sent over and the retail guy said that is approximately 380 units in just one. Hopefully they shipped 2 or more.
      I actually do have a link to AF unit, homemade style, but it's saved on my 'fuser at home. Think 2 of them even. I'll hoist up here when I get home tonight if someone else doesn't beat me to it.
      I made 2 - both with freebie squirrel fans from heating contactor. Ones slightly larger than other and put that one in larger "box" and used a Grainger inner felt bag with single furnace filter outside and easy change. The other I just used 3 layers of regular furnace filters, furthest "outter" the cheapest and throwaway type (about a buck) and then better and then real high effiency 3M unit. Not a great deal of difference all in all until I start slicing and dicing MDF --- then I can notice difference with all that tiny dust in air. Big unit gets almost all w/i 4-5 cycles, much longer with smaller one. Actually that's reason I now have 2 - been cutting alot of that and staggered units on wall about 20' apart. I doubt anything could get it all unless you have cyclone hooked onto a super pick-up unit on TS and still running 2 AF's. So I just cut 8-10 sheets at a time, chase out the cars, run DC and AC for awhile after last cut and that be that. I do find a very light dusting may remain on top far wall cabinets but it's so little I just blow it off maybe 2x/moth and let the AF have it's final tummy full and all's well.
      Anyway - I'll get what I got up tonight. At ya later
      Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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        Ordered my HF 2 1/2 weeks ago and was informed it was on back-order and received it yesterday, albeit the box was in sad shape but tonights project of putting it together will tell whether or not it was damaged. That's the one thing you have to watch out for with HF, their packing is about worth the $5.95 they charge, but I have to say anytime and I mean anytime I've had problems they always come through. Sometimes sending a duplicate product with no questions asked.



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          I have an unused set of Penn State #BC2-1V 1 micron bags for sale if anyone's interested. Retail is $80, I'll take $50. Email is Please use "DC Bags" as subject of email so I'll know to let it through on spam blocker.