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12V (X2) Cordless Drill Problem

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  • 12V (X2) Cordless Drill Problem

    First of all - hello everyone. Been lurking for quite a while. Great bunch of guys here. I own quite a few Ridgid tools - planer, jointer, drill press, and combo sander. Thought I'd get my feet wet with a question to you all about my latest Ridgid tool:

    LOML bought me the 12V X2 cordless drill for Christmas. While playing with my new toy, I noticed that when I "pulled the trigger" and then let go, the drill chatters loudly to a stop. This is much more noticable in high gear than low. Went to HD and checked out the display model - no chatter. I then returned the drill for a replacement - it chatters too. Tried getting some info from Ridgid directly - no luck.

    So my question(s) - anyone buy the same drill? If so, does it chatter loudly as you release the trigger (try it in high gear)? Any opinions about whether this is by design? Do you think I should worry about it?

    Thanks for any and all feedback.

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    You be hearing the clutch system. Its made to stop the drill and at the same time keep the chuck from opening and the bit falling out. I have the 18volt. Its pretty loud.


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      You should check posts. This is a very well known feature of ridgid drills and has been talked about many times in the past. Some like it some don't mind and some don't like. But my guess is that it is the Clutch mechanism to stop drill bit.



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        My X2 12V does the same thing, but there ios no chatter in low speed. There is in high when I let up no matter what trigger position I use though.

        I used it a while last Thursday on a project and it worked fine with both screws and drilling.


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          My X-2 18 volt does it in high.