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  • It's all been said:

    I think all that can be said, has been said.

    This is a wonderful woodworking forum where we are suppose to be helping one another through little problems and advice pertaining to woodworking.

    Though I know it can boil down to where we buy our machinery; I think it's time to rest the bashing about HD. You all know what excellent service Ridgid gives; They do the best they can.

    Lets get back on track with woodworking and the little nitches we all incounter, shall we?
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    I'll 2nd that John!
    Support Our Troops!


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      you got my vote!
      Andy B.


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        Can anyone suggest a good router table??
        Rob J.
        Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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          John---so glad you're around to tell us when a conversation is over!!!


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            Bout time someone posted this...good show!
            Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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              I totally disagree with your statement that it is time to quit bashing HD. It may have all been said before but the fact remains; HD continues to provide inferior service. I offer Dan Vines JP0610 purchase experience yesterday as a prime example “I put mine together and checked the adjustments in less time than it took FIVE people at HD to get it off the rack.” I’d say it is safe to assume that there are some contractual issues that prevent the folks at Ridgid from providing us an alternative outlet for their tools, leaving us to endure the frustrations of shopping at HD. Obviously they are well aware of our dissatisfaction with HD at the present time but if we cease to inform them of this problem they may assume that HD has changed their ways and we are now satisfied customers, which could lead to a renewed identical contract. Just my 2 cents worth.



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                I agree with woodslayers first sentence, but for different reasons than his.

                It seems to me that the very same people who now say let's give it a rest were the very same ones to chime in a few days before in conversations about HD. Kind of ironic isn't it? It would seem to me that if you really thought it was time to give it a rest, that nobody would be commenting on it. If it really is time, then don't post the next time a thread about HD is started.

                As for me, I like reading the posts about HD...good or bad. My wife works there and I let her know what everybody thinks of the customer service. She even brought it up in her last store meeting that her husband visits a different HD farther away because he gets better cust service! I think her manager and co-emloyees were kind of shocked. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                  I TOTALLY AGREE(with depot bashing)
                  I'm a HD employee of many years,and I remember when it was good.HD use to be a contractors store and hired alot of part-time employees with
                  knowledge and experience.They have lowered there standards and now hire every pimply faced kid to sell tools,tractors,and flooring.
                  Im a Licensed Horticulturist and have been landscaping for many years.I see what comes and goes throught the garden dept every year.What a shame.
                  I went to buy a table saw the other day and was impressed with the Ridgid,I was talking to some of the guys in the tool crib and they had no idea about any of the saws. Here I am looking at a $600 saw and the kid tries to sell me a $89 Ryobi..and then tells me its a better tool.
                  I currently own the Ridgid DP1550 that I got a good deal on,it was a return.And I wanted to stick with Ridgid. I have yet to make my purchase but I'm somewhat concerned with the HD and the Ridgid relationship.I think the reps need to step in and have a few more PK's(product knowledge classes)with HD.I'm currently looking at the Dewalt DW746,can someone assure me the Ridgid is a better choice.If it comes down to HD and there service, Im going to local tool supply house and buying the Dewalt.
                  Thank You and keep bashing I think its funny.
                  Maybe someone from the depot will read these and wake up soon.
                  Depot Dave


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                    Depot Dave,

                    Since you work there, you more than most will understand the level of service that you will get.

                    What do we all mean by after sales service? In the case of a HD or Lowes purchase, it's just the ability of returning the box for credit or exchange. It can't be anything else, what other "service" can they provide?

                    I can't see how we can stop posting our experiences with HD or Lowes, as they relate to WW'ing. We are the serious WW'ers, their product range is clearly aimed at us, not generally Joe Public. These posts should constitute the best feedback to Ridgid about their core business that they could ever hope to get.

                    With 1,500 HD stores, and each having a reasonable inventory of Ridgid boxes (check high in those racks), it would be an extremely difficult decision for Ridge Tool to change this distribution model. What's required is more effective Ridgid merchandisers/reps getting themselves involved more with product displays, and providing increased training to HD employee's.



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                      Mike has a point as I am one that he speaks of. The reason I chime now is because I'm just flat sick of seeing the multitude of NEW posts to this same subject. If it were kept to the existing ones it might not bother us so much, but if you count right now, you'll find over a dozen very closely related's gettin' old.

                      [ 02-23-2003, 12:27 PM: Message edited by: KellyC ]
                      Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                        I think you need to go back and thoroughly read my post,I truley understand what you're saying,and you if read it again you'll see excatly what you just conveyed back to me.

                        I never asked to stop the bashing only to continue it,maybe someone will realize the damage a site like this can do to sales.As far as the overhead goes,I know whats in them,I do work there remember.

                        I clearly stated that Ridgid needs to step up the bar and work with HD employees more.And as far service goes,I must be the only HD employee that truley goes out of his way to help the customer long after the sales are final.

                        You seem to know an awfull lot about HD's inventory any how they operate,which makes me think you may one time have worked there or still do.If not you spend way to much time in there store.

                        I wasn't defending HD in any way,I was clearly stating their lack of experianced people and what should be done to assist HD and Ridgid in sales.I attended several seminars put on by John Deere over the winter to become more knowledgeable about there tractors,and now when asked,I feel I can answer any question with honesty,and not have to flip through the pocket guide HD hands out.



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                          I'm afraid that if you don't like HD threads, it's best to just not open them! They're all over this and many other forums, and from the very unscientific results of my observations, out number Sears complaints, almost 2 to 1!

                          Yes, there is a certain degree of pleasure from sharing our separate war stories from HD, but I also think, right or wrong, many people post with the hopes of letting Rigid know just how bad things are at the Big Orange. Personally, I think Rigid has a good line of tools, good support and customer service. If people keep getting turned away by HD's practices, we could all loose.

                          I don't really expect HD employees to be all that knowledgable on tools. It would be nice, but frankly, I get better information from articles in ww'ing mags, etc.

                          BUT---I do not think it's asking too much for them to know where their flipping inventory is!!! Unable to locate back stock seems to be a theme in past complaints. Now, that doesn't do anyone any good.


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                            You misinterpreted what I'm tryin to say.I have been telling you that HD has got to be one of the worst for customer service,knowledge and anything that follows.I have been there and seen the fall,I know what troubles sales,relations,
                            moral and again everythinng that follows.The big blue house(lowes)has paid a tool on HD and there management.They refuse to pay qualified personal to get the job done right.Thats why you get the pimply faced college kid whos know jack squat.There was a time when I proudly said I work for HD.The remarks in this forum dont bother me in the least,they humor me. I just wish
                            HD exects would read some of the these and get a handle on whats going on.So keep up the HD bashing,like I said I like to read it.I cant change the world of HD nor will I ever attemped to,but I assure you this.You come to me with a problem,advice,or just a smple question,I will go out of my way to help you.But I cant say that for all.
                            All I can say is this,spend a weekend in an apron.You'll have a whole new outlook for the seasoned HD employee.Next time you're in there look at the year badges on the aprons.If its over a year...there already a dept head or a manager.
                            Whats that tellin you?


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                              Kelly hit the "nail on the head" when he said it should be confined to existing posts. As I searched for an old thread I wanted to retreive some info from, the HD bashing is all over these forums. I just don't think every section should be filled with rants, it's for us guy to help each other out with advice, ideas, suggestions, etc.

                              I also agree that a standard for complaints and horror stories is needed in the case someone who can make a differece reads them. They should be kept in a perticular area where they will be surely read, not scattered about.

                              It seams that complaints and bashing HD isn't going to stop. And with the number and length of posts on this subject, these forums should "Open" a new titled called "Rants" or something similar. Not only for us to have a place to bash HD, or rant about anything. But for a place so anyone looking the boards over that could make a difference by reading them, in the way HD handles customer service; Would get the full view of all our concerns. And Jake, Josh and the rest of the supporting crew could get a better insite of how this effects sales, and take it directly to people at Ridgid for them to review for leverage with HD.

                              So how about it? Can we have a "Rant" section?
                              I can see how it would only benefit everyone, and the forums in general as well.
                              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>