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Need advice for making HB dovetails

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  • Need advice for making HB dovetails

    I just purchased a PC 4112 half-blind dovetail jig. It comes with a 1/2" diameter, 14-degree bit with a 1/2" cutting length. The dovetails produced using this bit appear to me to be rather small and shallow. I read an excellent article by Jack Loganbill that stated you could create more robust-looking dovetails by using different cutter options. My question is this - given the same thickness of board, what affect will it have on the resulting dovetails to go with a cutter having a longer cutting length or a different angle (10-degree or 8-degree, for example)?? I am a total novice at this and can't afford to buy several bits and go through trial and error. I need y'all's advice to give me a general idea of how to choose the appropriate bit to produce the desired result.