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  • Question for JP0610 owners

    My fence has a protrusion sticking out on the underside directly to the left (when facing the jointer) of the cutout for the cutters; it is approximately two inches long and .125 inches deep. This projection prevents the fence from sliding freely over the table and rides on this lip. The extension table must be raised high enough to compensate for this instead of being set flush with the outfeed table as stated in the directions. Does this sound familiar to anyone or do I have a defective fence

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    Woodslayer mine is identical. Yes it seems that it contradicts the instructions about the fence sitting flat on the table. If the fence is to far back it will hangup. I just tilted it back slid it over and then turned it to 90 deg. This is something I wanted to ask Ridgid tech support when I called about the tight outfeed table. I have called twice and emailed but as yet they have not responded.

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      I believe that's the way it's supposed to be. Mine is the same. I asked Jake about that and he said it was intentional and was one of the three, I believe, points of contact for the fence.

      Jake, step in here and help out if I'm way off base.



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        There is an area of the fence just behind the cutterhead that does contact the outfeed table. This by design and as Ba-doyn pointed out, it is one of the pivot points that determines your settings for different stops.