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Blade for my R4511

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  • Blade for my R4511

    So I finally have the R4511 together and I an now looking for a nice blade that will handle most general tasks. Most of the stock I am cutting is maple, cherry, and walnut. I am looking at the Ridge Carbide TS2000 and the Forrest Woodworker II as my top 2 choices. However I was wondering should I go full or thin kerf? I have the saw on a 20amp circuit out in my converted garage "shop" , its on 110 power not 220. Most stock that I am cutting is no thinker than 6/4 , thats about as think as I am working with. I know a full kerf blade may be more stable and deflect less, but I have been reading allot lately about using thin kerf blades on saw with less power than 3hp. I was hoping other R4511 or TS3650 owners might have some comments on this. thanks

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    Re: Blade for my R4511

    My Forrest WWII full kerf does an excellant job on my 4511 as it also did with my old TS2400. However, like yourself, I have also been reading about the advantages (and disadvantages) of thin kerf blades on saws with less than 3 HP. However, if I ever try a thin kerf I will stay with Forrest. It tool a lot of wasted money on other blades to learn my lesson!

    Big G


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      Re: Blade for my R4511

      I'm running the same blade as Big G and have no problems. Saw pulls more at the start than any other time.


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        Re: Blade for my R4511

        The thin kerf is easier on your motor, and will be most noticeable in thick material, though your saw will spin a full kerf without issue in most circumstances. A blade the caliber of a TS2000 or WWII should not pose any issues with the TK, so it makes sense IMO. Holbren has the TS2000 for ~ $80 shipped with "woodnet10", "SMC10", or "BT310" codes if you're a member of any of those forums. It's every bit the equal of the WWII, and has thicker carbide.

        Others worthy of consideration - Infinity Combomax Lite (010-150), WWII 30T TK, Infinity 010-060, Freud LU88R010, Freud LU83R010. A 24T dedicated rip blade in addition to your main blade, or possibly the 30T WWII as your main blade is a good idea if you rip a lot of thick heavy stock. The 30T WWII is an excellent complimenting blade to something like the Infinity 010-060 or Freud LU88 60T blades.
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