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How do I keep rust off my TS2424 in my storgage shed?

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  • How do I keep rust off my TS2424 in my storgage shed?

    I have a new tablesaw( 3 weeks old) and have yet to install the motor and noticed rust starting to form - I have applied coats of WD40 oil to it and I think I have contained the rust - how often should I coat the metal? My storage shed has no heat or power in it so moisture is a factor. Please advise.

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    The first time I got some rust on my table, I used synthetic steel wool and mineral spirits to remove it. I tried to follow the patina to avoid unsighty scratches.

    Then I covered the top with TopCote. This stuff is really good in protecting the exposed metal and lasts a good while. It also leaves the surface nice and slick.

    I would pass on the WD40 as it will get on your wood. Also avoid stuff that contains silicone as that will wreak havoc on your finishes.

    Some people like to use paste wax. It also works, but I prefer the TopCote. Once again if you use wax, do not use automotive products as they may contain silicone. Stick to Johnson's Paste Wax or similar.

    Hope this helps.



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      Re: How do I keep rust off my TS2424 in my storgage shed?

      My technique is rather simple and old ... I've been using it for years as I've had to keep some power tools outside in unheated sheds for years. Our temperatures here in Canada range from 100F to 30 below. What I do is just cover the machine with some old blankets or comforters, usually a couple of them, I have an old tarp I throw over them too. They are not sealed, just throw them over the power tool ..keeps the moisture from condensing onto the metal as the metal cools overnight. Works for me. Cheap way. Also keeps "curious eyes" from seeing whats in the shed in case they are arranging for "nightime shopping".
      Just pull back the blankets or comforters etc and the tools are ready to go oil to clean off first.
      chazz (Charlie)


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        Re: How do I keep rust off my TS2424 in my storgage shed?

        +1 on the previous comment. i keep my outfeed table upside down on the surface of the TS, since i can't afford the room it would occupy if i let it hang down on a piano hinge as many users have done. this has kept the surface free of rust. i do the topsaver and synthetic abrasive pad thing once a year, followed by a couple of coats of paste wax. but the most important thing is to keep the cast iron surfaces covered when not in use. BTW, i have a 2412, the saw just "below" the 2424.
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          Re: How do I keep rust off my TS2424 in my storgage shed?

          I used Johnson's Tree Wax on the cast iron top of my previous table saw which spent Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter in my drafty barn. Here in Oregon most exposed iron rusts. The Johnson's Tree Wax kept the rust away and creates a smooth feeding surface.

          Good luck,