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    Originally posted by randybeach:
    ... and an additional 10 percent for the craftsman club news letter subscription...
    Last I checked, the general 10% Craftsman Club discount is gone. Only the items in the flyer are included and only for the discount published(not always 10%). Bummer!


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      Originally posted by ByteButcher:
      </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by randybeach:
      ... and an additional 10 percent for the craftsman club news letter subscription...
      Last I checked, the general 10% Craftsman Club discount is gone. Only the items in the flyer are included and only for the discount published(not always 10%). Bummer! </font>[/QUOTE]You're correct that the policy has changed across the board...the CMan Club discounts now apply only to the items in the flyers. If you're a CMan Club member, you can sign up to receive their email flyers which qualifies you to print out a one time 10% coupon good on many items including tools. If you can combine a club price with the 10% coupon, you're doing well....if you can find a sale price that's simultaneous with the CMan Club discount, that's discounts can still really stack up.


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        Plummer,you are living in a dream world.
        I own a 22124 which at least has a made in USA ,for real, Beis. fense system.
        I have a Milwaulkee 0233-20/3/8" drill "made in USA that when I opened it up to grease and clean found ,guess what??? made in China on the rear ball bearing. I called Milwaulkee and he said it is assembled here not all parts come from the US and that has been for quite a while since there are few bearing manufactures left wordwide. This is a pre TTI take over tool too.
        How do you expect us to make a real total USA tool purchase,open all the tools up to see where the parts are made? This was a Milwaulkee drill with made in USA on it.
        An Emmerson teck, said for years, the parts came from overseas and were put together here,not really a USA product too.
        MY F350 has Mexico,Canadian,etc parts. I try to buy non China but who knows what made in USA means. The tools/parts are still containing China made parts. You simply do not know.
        I can not control what the labor unions have done years ago when they had control and they are to blame too,along with the CEO,s today. There was no competition and they took advantage of it. Now they,unions, have little power.
        People need to get a better education/skill and fight for a good job. As a consumer I need to make the best decisions but I can. I do not know all the variables and take major offense to you calling me a "traitor" for buying a sears saw,which is best in class. That is totally out of line!
        I try to avoid those products made in China but it is just not possible all the time and the made in USA does not mean really all made here anyway.
        The government would have to set up new trade/manuf. rules and I doubt they will. They,both parties, will not even enforce the existing illegal border laws. $$ & political desires rule.
        You should know those older Ridgid castings were not even made here along with other parts too.
        You need to get out of the '70s, this is 2005. I do not have the answer but I doubt this trend will change,so get used to it,and pray China's people will change it's government b/c our's will not do much to help change it.

        [ 06-24-2005, 11:07 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Benedetto ]


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          "I feel that its our own unions that are damaging us."

          This is just one of many comments that try to place the total blame for the high cost of american goods on unions, but it just ain't so.

          EPA regulations, OSHA workplace standards, labor laws, and high energy and raw material prices all contribute to the final price. And please don't forget the fat cat owners, VPs, and CEOs who have multi-million dollar saleries each year for stealing your pension money, the retail price includes their overhead too.

          I am sure that US companies could be more competitive is they didn't have to provide hearing protection and other safety equipment for their workers. I mean, after all, those people are getting paid they should buy their own safety equipment right? They should have to pay for machine guards on the power tools they use too and for proper ventilation so they don't have to breathe noxious fumes all day.

          Here's an example of a good non-union company that I am sure we would all like to work for.

          Just because they killed 9 people in the past 9 years is no reason to not work there. I mean one dead employee a year is not too bad a record right? Especially when they flat out ignore the OSHA Regs. It's a free country , they should be able to abide only by those laws and rules that they feel are most beneficial to their company right and not worry about the people that work for them. They are a big responsible company that will look out for their employees right?


          Google search on McWane Inc.

          Oh yeah the airlines, they are good guys too. Ask one of the people who worked there and is now retired how they are making out on the 30% of their pension that they were promised by the airline? And that 30% is not even being paid by the airline, it is being paid by you and I, because they completely defaulted (declared bankrupcy just to get released from their union contracts and pension obligations) on the pension and left it the the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund (US GOv Agency) to pay off with tax dollars and premiums monies.

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            Right on Bob D. some people often forget that this country was built largely by unions and hard working union men and women. This country could compete if all,,ALL trade laws were equal don't blame the unions blame the GOP for that.


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              Sears is not what it used to be.
              I made the mistake of buying a 22124. After 4 months and 4 technicians and a lot of headache, I still have problem with the saw. The table saw is not put together properly, the technicians are dumber than brick and sales people are useless.
              My advise by something else.


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                I own the TS 3650 and I love the saw. It is heavy and built to do alot of hard work.

                My saws legs do not flex and I have no arbor issues.

                I have not used the Craftsman saw,....but I have no regrets and I am proud of my saw. [img]smile.gif[/img]

                [ 06-29-2005, 12:10 PM: Message edited by: Thirsty ]