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Ridgid BS1400 vs. BS14000

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  • Ridgid BS1400 vs. BS14000

    FYI- To all potential and current Ridgid bandsaw
    owners. The Ridgid (not Rigid) BS14000 model
    is identical to the Ridgid BS1400 model. Don't
    let anyone try to sell you a BS14000 as a higher
    grade "industrial" model. The customer technical
    support at 1-800-4-RIDGID saved me from this scam.

    Help for Search Engines:
    BS 1400
    BS 14000

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    Where does the model #BS14000 come from and who tried to sell you one? According to the RIDGID (not Ridgid ) website and the RIDGID brochure that I have, the only bandsaw they offer is the model BS1400.

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      I sure hope this wasn't at Home Depot...I think a while back we had a bit of discussion about whether HD does a disservice to the Ridgid brand by not really supporting it the way they should.
      - Tim


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        Absolutely, they do a disservice to Ryobi and Ridgid. If I were calling the shots at HD, I would either A.) Get out of the WW hobbyist tools and carry only items used by contractors such as miter saws, TS2400, etc or B.) Start promoting and educating employees and customers about them, get a David Marks or someone to go around putting on WW clinics, sponsor a cable WW show, but most of all, train employees in the use and subtletries of these tools and offer some real service on them, they're pretty much clueless.


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          I agree with doing a little education for the HD associates, but I sure wouldn't want to see HD just stick with contractor-type tools. Us homeowner/hobbyist types need a good place to shop too.

          With regard to Ridgid and Ryobi, I've been rather pleased with my many new tool purchases over the last year or so. The surprising thing for me has also been to find out that all my old Craftsman power tools were also Ryobi or, in the case of my 1975 Radial Arm Saw, made by Emerson. In spite of the poor storage and neglect that resulted from my so-called career years, these tools are still in remarkably good shape, showing only the minor wear of occasional use.

          The big thing (for me anyway) with HD is that they really try to not sell you a Ryobi tool and even with Ridgid you sort of have to ask! With me, it's sort of become a game whenever I visit there, as they only rarely know what they are talking about. I get the impression that once they get that "orange apron" they are sort of on their own... and that applies to just about every dept., not just power tools!

          But, back to the BS1400... That is the only Bandsaw that I have ever seen with the Ridgid name on it. As far as I know, the BS14000, is somebody's typo.

          Regards to all,



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            Hi CWSmith, You are right about Home Depot. I worked there for almost 2 years in the Tool Coral and as a cashier. The training is horrible. In my store the only people that had any experience were in plumbing. The other guys in the coral knew little or nothing. They give you an apron and tell you to get to work. They would also like to leave people alone on their 2nd day and numerious times there after. Most of the people have no idea what they are doing. Dewalt and Ryobi tools got pushed the most until Ridgid came out. Then Ridgid was starting to get pushed as Dewalt used to. Ridgid didn't sell as strong. It is funny because the only vendors that came in were from Dewalt, Ridgid/Ryobi, and very rarely Porter Cable. So those were the tools that got the push. This pissed my off a lot because I love Milwaukee cordless and from my experiences they are Heavy Duty but no on I ever talked to or have worked with knew a thing about Milwaukee. They get no push and almost no displays. So know if you walk into a Depot you see just yellow, orange, and blue and no one in an apron has any idea of the differences.