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30 degree Bevel Cut

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  • 30 degree Bevel Cut

    Hey Folks,

    I'm waiting on a TS3360 and I'm planning on building some Speakers for my first Project. The Plans call for a 60 degree angle where 2 - 24" pieces meet (Forming a V). This means I need to cut a 30 Degree Angle along a 24" long piece. How do I cut this ?


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    Re: 30 degree Bevel Cut

    Were you planning on making this cut with the table saw you're getting or did you want to make the cut some other way while you're still waiting on the TS?


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      Re: 30 degree Bevel Cut

      On the TS3660. I looked at the Manual and it showed the Bevel Tilt from 0-45. I think I may have gotten confused about the Tilt angle. If the TS does Tilt to 30 Degrees then I am all set. But any clarification welcome.



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        Re: 30 degree Bevel Cut

        The angle of cut can be set and locked in at anywhere from 0° through 45°.
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          Re: 30 degree Bevel Cut

          to make a cut that is beyond a 45 degrees one will probably need to use some from of a cheater block or jig that will increase the angle, or special miter gage, see picture below
          or guide it from the fence at 90 and the blade at 30 you may want a jig for holding it solid. and so it will not slide or slip especially is the piece is narrow, and end cuts.
          such as a 12" x 16" with a cleat on the end/edge of it with some toggle clamps,

          similar to a tending jig,
          see below picture

          some times you can make a tricky cut on narrow times by making the cut and then cutting into narrow strips,

          and on a simple cut just set the blade to the proper degrees and cut as you would make a standard 90 or square cut, you should make a test cut first and check the angle and the width before cutting the good stuff, if possible, some times things just work a little different on angles than it seems like they should, so a test piece is not a bad Idea,
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            Re: 30 degree Bevel Cut

            Thanks Guys,

            The Speaker Plans are for Klipsch La Scala Clones. There are also pieces that require a 60 Degree Cut; but these are relatively small pieces. I have looked at the Rockler Tenon Jig that you showed and figured I might be able to re-engineer it for these cuts and other projects. The 30 degree cuts are for only large pieces. So, it looks like I may be able to do this with no problem.

            Thanks for the Input and help.