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Riving knife for the R4511

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    Re: Riving knife for the R4511

    Thanks, Guys.
    Splitter sets and riving knives generally take less than 3 weeks. RK's are a little quicker since there are less to them than splitter sets.
    The time it takes is directly related to how many orders ahead of yours that I have. I made up several of these at once when I sold out of the ones that I had. Sold those and have now made more.
    Shark Guards take the longest of course. Not because it takes me so long to make them, but I just have so many orders.

    The RK's that I make for the 4511 are compatible with the Shark guard as well, BTW.
    Thanks again.

    As an aside note, the SC RK's are just a bit different than the Ridgid's. They will fit, but the shoulders below are different. The guy I worked with on the SC showed two different height shoulders with his OEM RK's. You can see that in the photo.
    We actually fine tuned the SC shark knife to fit the bracket shoulder precisely.
    You can compare my two patterns here if interested.
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      Re: Riving knife for the R4511

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for stopping by and giving us an update on your products.

      Glad to hear your Sharkguard is selling so well.
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