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    I have my shop set up in the garage right now ,but I am getting tired of draging everything out and then putting it back up when I am finished.We have a bonus room above the garage which is about 10x20 which we use for storage but i can find something to do with most of it,but would it be worth going up and down the steps and also I don't know if the floor will hold tell me what you think.

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    I had a similar situation, loved doing the woodwork but hated having to move all the tools out then back.

    When I purchased my new Ridgid tablesaw, it came with the hercu-lift system and I found it to be great.

    Since then, I have installed a caster system on all my large power tools - RA, DP, Miter, etc. This along with the big Ridgid shopvac and I can be cleaned up and replaced in less than a half an hour. The casters also served to save my back.

    I think you would want to avoid stairs if at all possible, both for the raw material and the finsihed product movement.


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      Not only would the stairs be a problem when carrying 4*8 sheets of plywood up and finished projects down, but I would think that the noise you make while working in the upstairs shop would reverberate through the rest of the house more than it would if you were working on the concrete floor of the garage. Especially the hammering.


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        I know what you mean... I live in an apartment with a back yard (triplex) and my tools are stored in my closet(s) and I move them out when using and back in when done...

        My big tools are my TS-2400 w/ mobile stand, a Ryobi Band Saw, a Fein Vac. I also have an assorted variety of multiple other tools (3 drills, orbital sander, circular saw, etc...)

        You want to talk about confinement... brother, I'm all over it!!


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          I too am a garage workshop guy but I'm luckier than most since I have a 3-car garage. The 3rd bay has a separate overhead door and has become the permanent location for the woodshop. None the less, here are a few tips that truely help garagers like us. First, fix a few spots for permanent tool locations. These spots are usually along the walls where tools are already out of the way. Tools like a Miter Saw, Radial Arm Router Table and Drill Press work great against a wall without needing to be moved. Cabinets built around/for these tools can also help. And second, Mobility. Big tools that need some room get the mobile base treatment. These can be "stored" along the other wall and pulled out to the center of the garage when in use.
          Ever handle 4'x8' MDF by yourself? Now imagine carying it up and down the steps Enough said! Good luck
          - Tim


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            If you have not been there you may get some good ideas at They have several floor plan layouts for differnt size shops. I think the stairs might be a problem too unless you do small work, but then I'm sort of new to this myself. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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