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    Hi I am new to the forum I have been reading here alittle over the last couple days and have a question. I need to get a jointer I have been looking at alot of different brands and am having some difficulty choosing one. Looked at craftsman, was told they are made by a company caleed orion? jet,delta,powermatic, and ridgid.As i read over the posts I saw I should stay away from the orange model so I went to home depot tonight and I saw a totally grey model but when i looked under it had a tiawian motor in it ,is this the one that is no good? It looks to me at looking at the different websites there must be at least 3 different models one with a grey cabinet one with grey legs and one with orange legs>Is the machine itself differnt or just the motor? I really liked the looks of the machine compared to the craftsman I saw first hand. All the other ones I looked at were just pictures and specs. I forgot I did look at grizzlys and bridgewoods. is it true that the ridged machines have a lifetime warranty? How can that be on a power tool? I think right now I like the ridged or the bridgewood the best both are about the same price. Also the guy at the home depot told me that the lifetime warranty was only good thru Dec31 is that true? If so I think there sales may reduce drastically going from liftime to one year. Any help wood be greatly appreciated. Iam new to woodworking and am just starting to get some tools for doing projects. If any one needs help about welding or welders I can help you out there.Thanks again for any responses on this subject. Chub

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    I don't know much about ridgid jointers but wanted to let you know that Jet also has a lifetime warranty. Home Depot's will be extending warranty til January 31st. Warranty is only as good as company backing it and you should know that it's RIDGID's or RYOBI / tool company backing your warranty, not Home Depot. I am more comfortable with Jet b/c they have a longer service history of providing excellent customer service and keeping customers happy without any dramatic changes in company structure. But you can use your own judgement. Wanted to pass this along.



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      The Bridgewood, Sunhill, Grizzly, Jet and others are made by a well established company called GeeTech. That doesn't mean they are exactly the same machine. Motors, pulleys, belts, knobs, cutters, etc. are all specified by the company who orders them. But their castings are pretty dependable from what I can glean from experience, word of mouth and posts on the internet.

      FWIW, I've read numerous favorable comments from Bridgewood and Yorkcraft customers....they all seem to sing a common tune about their distributor, Wilke Machinery..."wonderful".

      The key to any jointer working well is for the tables and fence to be flat, and the tables to be coplaner with each other. No matter what machine you pick, check this immediately with a good reference straight edge. If anything is bowed, it'll have to go back. If the tables are out of parallel, they might be able to be shimmed into position, if not, it goes back. I don't know of any brand that is immune to these problems, or that have a higher ratio of success than the others. The highest number sold will likely have the highest number of defects. That's where good CS service comes in. Most of the companies mentioned are really good to deal with. It's not just a matter of's whether or not they honor it and are helpful.

      Good luck.