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  • B/S fence

    I just bought and set up my new BS1400. I must have a good one, very quiet and no vib.
    I chucked the stock blade and installed the tough
    tooth/ it had good reviews.
    I'm looking for a decent fence now. Any recommendations. How bout the Ridgid one?
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    I use the ridgid fence on mine and it does a good job. Not sure about proce or availability. Got mine cheap when I bought the saw a couple of years ago.
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      You might want to read a good bandsaw book such as by Lonie Bird or Mark Duginske. They do a great job of explaining bandsaw drift, and have designs for shop-made fences. Also, if you have one of those clamp on guides (short one) they work well too.

      The thing is, using one of those OEM bandsaw fences---your sucess will be measured, not so much by the fence as the saw's lack of drift and amount of tension you can get on the blade---also, blade sharpness plays a roll as well.


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        Dave, I'm looking for a BS fence too. I'm not sure what you mean about the OEM fence. Are you saying they are excellent and at that point drift, tension and blade sharpness are the only important factors or that the OEM fences are stubborn and don't allow you to compensate for other factors, or are you saying something else?


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          Second version is what I meant. On your higher end machines, you may find less drift---better tensioning, which would mean the mfg's fence is less of an issue----depending on how much you can tweek the angle, if at all. They're fine for making short cuts, but drift, even on my Delta, can interfere with keeping a straight cut. So, like if you were cutting something short, like a tenon cheek, they'd be fine, but for resawing or longer cuts----well, the only reason I have one is it came with the saw---otherwise, I likely wouldn't have paid extra for it.


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            I use the fast track system. It is adjustable for drift, flex free, and came with a free resaw guide. You can purchase them from http://www.prairieriverwoodworking.c...s.asp?parid=31
            They also offer all sorts of bells and whistles for the band saw and other wood working tools.


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              I purchased the fence and rails (they sell it as a kit if you call and ask)from Grizzly for their model G0555 The Ultimate 14" Bandsaw. It fits my BS14001 and works well. I also purchased the riser block kit from Grizzly for the same saw (their PN H3051 for @ $50... Ridgid want @$100)and it also fits the Ridgid Bandsaw perfectly. It seem that the casting for both of these saws as well as a few other brands are all made in the same factory in China.


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                Grizzly fence


                I know this is an old post, but I am hoping it somehow will ping you now.

                I was going to buy the Grizzly ulitmate saw but got a used Ridgid at a great price. However, I loved the look of the grizzly fence.

                In between when you wrote this post an now, do you still find the grizzly fence to be a good fit on the ridgid BS?