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Vibration with the r4511

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    Re: Vibration with the r4511

    Originally posted by darius View Post
    That part is easily fixed by means of super glue

    Other than that it does look like something round is not well balanced. Puleys? Blade arbor?
    Yes. the super glue helps pass the nickel test. but only if the nickel is glued laying flat. now i have a bump, the thickness of say,, a nickle. uh,, hindsight,, i should have made a recess for the nickel

    i'm dealing with more than one factory oversight / defect. one being, the lack of Quality Control. Is this saw manufactured in China? If so, another reason to bring the jobs back home.

    wonder if home depot will pickup, eventhough they did not deliver

    they have already swapped the front fence rail from the only r4511 left, since my original fence rail holes did not match

    i'm exhausted..

    should i try for the other r4511 HD has in stock, even-though the date code is older than the one i have now???

    if i could only figure out how to make this 400 lbs saw lighter, and jump back into the box and crate it came from.