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  • Exotic woods

    I have worked with African Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany, Bubinga and Zebra wood. I really loved the look of the African after coating it with ManOWar and polishing it. My only complaint is it smells like piss when working it...LOL. I'm interested in working with Bloodwood and Purple Heart...has anyone worked with those? How well does it route and cut? Walnut is a pain to route out in 1/2" thickness...keeps grabbing the bit and splitting down the grain. Real pain. Anyway, I'm interested in these two woods and would like any input about usage and coatings. Thanks.

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    Have not used Bloodwood, but I use alot of Purpleheart. Harder than Walnut, machines well, burns easy. 1 tip on PH. when machine sanded it turns an ugly brown color, let it sit in the open air for a day or 2 after machine sanding and the color will return to normal. Do not apply any finish before the color returns or it will stay brown. Have not tried routing, so no info there. (side note) Zebra wood is my personal choice for any use, I am about to start a roll top desk out of solid Zebra.
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      Hey guys, this might sound a bit preachy and I might be sticking my nose into a topic that I know nothing about, but I just wanted to say that exotic woods should only come from a trusted source in order prevent unchecked tree poaching in foreign countries. Yeah, I'm a bit of a tree hugger and also a woodworker and don't see any problem with that. I think I may have read that there was a possibility of standardizing the trustworthiness of exotic woods, but like I said, I'm just putting on my environmental hat right now in a topic I don't really know about.


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        Is it true that Purpleheart loses its color after time? And if so, how long will it stay purple?


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          I have been using Purple heart for 3 years now and have not seen any sign of color lose. Except when power sanded as previously mentioned.
          info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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            I have used both woods and am very plesed with the outcome of both, Purple heart does burn very easy if you are using a router with low RPM's or a dull bit. Bloodwood works very well but is hard to get a good shine, I recommend using a coat of sanding sealer before final finish is applied, sanding sealer also helps Purple Heart keep its color very well, I have a table I built 17 years ago and the color is just as Vibrant as the day I finished it...the sanding sealer also covers the strong piss smell of African Walnut..but it will smell when you are working might try South African Walnut it has much of the same look and feel just finer grain and NO PISS smell.
            Hope this Helps...
            Phillip Allen