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Older Ridgid Bandsaw or Newer One

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  • Older Ridgid Bandsaw or Newer One

    I posted this in the power tools section, but I want to make sure the woodworkers see it.

    I'm looking at the current model BS-1400 and it seems like a pretty nice saw for the money $349 right now.
    However, I've come across someone selling one of the older gray models that he bought when HD was clearing them out. He says it's never been out of the box. It comes with 3 new aftermarket blades (don't know what sizes yet) and with cool-blocks. He's asking $325. I'm trying to decide if this is a good deal and have some questions.
    1. Did the older model have a TEFC motor?
    2. Did the older model have a longer warranty and it is transferable?
    3. Did the older model have a dust collection port?
    4. Overall was it as good or better than the current model?

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    I remember looking at one of the last "gray" BS1400 models just before Ridgid went to the new "orange". As I recall, there isn't much of a difference. But, I don't recall seeing "cool blocks" being used on either, but they both had TEFC motors, as I remember it. I don't own either of the Ridgid bandsaws, but I did buy one of the "gray" drill presses and other than color, there is no difference between the old gray and the newer orange!

    However, the old gray models (at least a year or so prior to the "orange" change) were given a "limited lifetime" warranty. When Ridgid entered the licensing agreement to have TTI build and market the new orange tools, the warranty was changed to three years. The "lifetime" warranty is only to the original purchaser with his proof of purchase (sales receipt, which I hope he has copied, because the darn things fade) and it is NOT transferrable !

    My local store hasn't had one of the Ridgid bandsaws in some time, but I do see them still here on the Ridgid web site. It doesn't mention cool blocks or any extra blades, but that doesn't mean they are not included, so you'll probably have to call Ridgid customer support for an answer.

    Unless someone with actual ownership knowledge can point out some differences between the orange and gray models, you'll have to make the decision based on whether or not any extras thay your friend has is worth the $25 difference. With a new bandsaw you'll have a three year warranty and with the "gray" one there isn't... unless of course you and your friend can figure something out.

    I hope this helps,



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      Have to agree with CWS. I do have the BS1400 gray model and it works just fine. Like CWS said everything is the same apart from the obvious idious orange color.

      I wouldn't pay that much for it, due to the fact that if anything goes wrong you might get stuck with it. I would just pay the extra $24.00 and get it from Depot. atlease you get the warranty and you could always bring it back if your not happy with it.

      just my 2 nickles



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        I have the older grey bandsaw. Yes, it does have a dust collection port. Not very good though. None of them are. Most folks add a 4" Port to the bottom portion of the blade cover and connect to their dust collector.

        I don't remeber if that motor was made in China or the US. I'll check when I'm home again and let you know. It's not TEFC though, it's an Open Drip-Proof. You don't really need a TEFC on a band saw since there isn't much dust right there. I just blow it out with my compressor every so often, but not much comes out.

        I think it said it came with "Cool Blocks" but it's been a long time. In any case, I would go for the unused "Grey" model because of the lifetime warranty. I'm not so sure you actually need the sales reciept. Can't imagine someone telling me I could not get service just because I don't have the reciept.

        This post seems to indicate that you only need the serial number.


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          Older Model:
          Did not come with TEFC motor. And takes special instructions to align the wings for the starter copacitor to disingauge at the correct time. (Available upon request)
          If you can get your hands on the origanal receipt, even if it's been registered with RIDGID, you will need to register it with RIDGID for your Limited Lifetime Warranty. Sorry, Home Depot will no longer replace it after 30 days from date of sale.
          Dust collection is 2-1/2", Wet/Dry Vac size below the lower guide bearings. Helps, but not totally effecient.
          I have several issues with the saw. For light work such as curves and such, it's fine. It's not good for accurate resawing of any kind without major modifications.

          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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            Hey Woody!
            Missed ya! How's it goin? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
            When I saw this question I thought, now there's a question for Woody if there ever was one.
            Welcome Back! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
            "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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              You said you have several issues with the saw. Can you list them? I may want to look at something else. I'm new to woodworking and don't want to invest a lot of $$ into it yet.


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                Here are some links to issues Woody has had with ridgid and that BS in particular.


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                  What exactly are the "special instructions to align the wings for the starter copacitor to disingauge at the correct time."
                  I have this saw and it has been fine for everything I have used it for, I have not used it for resawing yet. The price was unbeatable, $150 new, when HD was closing out the old Ridgid stuff.
                  If the instructions are long and you don't want to post them here, feel free to post them at the woodcellar, or email them to me and I will post them.
                  It's good to see you're still around, take care.


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                    Hmm, reading Rafael's post makes me glad all my Ridgid tools are the pre-OWT stuff. What was up with that, did you have to ship it back?

                    Not to dispute you guys, I have the grey model which does have a TEFC motor.

                    As for the $325 asking price, I would ask:

                    What type blades? If they're cheapies like the Vermont American, they don't add much value. If they're say, Timberwolfs or Lennox, could be a good deal.

                    The cool blocks are OK, but not a deal-maker, IMO, unless they're something like Carter band rollers.

                    As for the warranty, about the best you could get is 3-year, if the current owner hasn't registered. Lifetime was only honored on items purchased prior to 12/31/03 (I suspect if anyone bought new at HD and challenged this, Ridgid would have to honor the LT warranty since it since it still says so on the box).

                    The DC port su..., er, no, it doesn't. It's a joke, plan on adding a 4" on the front of the lower cabineet and possibly making you're own 4" to replace the factory job. Resawing produces more fine dust than anything else in the shop, other than cutting MDF. This is not just Ridgid, pretty much every 14" BS has a lousy DC port.


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                      Jake, I think most, if not all bandsaws could benefit from having an additional DC port, the one under the table doesn't get the dust that gets inside the blade housing.


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                        Rafael has posted links that shows the replacement saw I was sent as a replacement. Not to be confused with the origanl saw I purchased. Which I still have and use. As I have said, it's good enough for curves and shapes and things. It's precission for other uses falls short. It's power falls way short of resawing even the smallest of stocks, along with just not being a machine made to do so. It's wobbly leg set is inadiquate.

                        Rafael, I have a printed copy of the instructions. Many of the Ridgid/Emerson motors have this butterfly magnetic centrifial switch to disengauge the starter capicitor. In time, they will all need to be adjusted. I'll see if I can produce a copy to email to you.

                        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                          Email or US mail them to me, I'll see that they get posted.


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                            $325 for a used BS even with some extra blades and cool blocks seems like alot. I agree with spending the extra ~$24 and for a new one with a better moter and other "fixes/updates"....


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                              Here is a link to the instructions for the switch adjustment:
                              Centrifugal Switch Adjustment