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    While going through some junky tools that I was considering getting rid of, I noticed an old chisel with no handle. I noticed that iron of the socket was not of uniform thickness and looked more closely. I placed a tiny light within the socket and observed a slightly irregular hammer weld line inside and have come to decide that this chisel was hand forged. It is a 1/4" registered chisel marked "Merrill & Wilder. Has anyone ever heard of this maker? Any ideas as to it's age?

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    Have a look at this, it might answer some of your questions;

    Or this web site;
    (go to page 25 for chisels) I think everyone will want to bookmark this site as a reference on old woodworking tools, the site has many pages scanned from an old tool catalog.

    Just one result of 30 seconds searching using Google

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      Thanks for the reply, Bob. It was right on the money. (I don't believe that I will put this chisel in the garage sale!!)