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Wood Floors

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  • Wood Floors

    I have scratches on a wood floor that I would like to treat/repair without sanding. Is this possible? I was thinking about buffing them out, don't know if it's possible. Is there something out on the market? Please advise.

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    Re: Wood Floors

    Mostly it depends on how deep the scratches are. If they're just surface scratches, and only in the finish then you can easily buff them out. If they're into the wood surface, it gets trickier as they could well be below the penetration of the stain which means getting a pen (or two) to try to match the stain then go over the area with a thin coat of clear wood floor finish, then buff.

    It also depends on what kind of wood floor. If it's engineered, you don't have any surface to sand. If you can get away with just a little clear finish and buff you're in good shape. If the scratch went into the wood surface, then you really have to find a wood stain pen color to match.
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      Re: Wood Floors

      What type of finish is on them ? If it's poly, you can use a grid type sanding cloth and abrade the whole floor and just put another coat of poly on it. It will look brand new. All you really need to do is break the gloss on the old and just apply the new. It will self level and look great.