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    Hello all, LOML has commissioned me to design and build a display cabinet that is probably more like a china cabinet in proportions. Never having built anything of this size, I am a bit concerned with construction techniques. I believe in my situation, (garage that houses 2 cars for a shop), that building in sections might be the way to go. Anyone with an idea of where I might get some ideas and techniques for construction? Thinking of using 3/4 ply for main body and solid trim. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Good place to start, click here
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      I am in the finishing stages of a similar project. I went to The New Yankee Workshop webpage and bought a plan for a china cabinet. I was impressed by the plan and it was fairly easy to follow. There are a multitude of sites that you can view and purchase plans. There are some that offer free plans that you can download. The project got me a TP1300 thickness planer during construction and a TS3650 table saw afterwords. 3/4 plywood can be used for the body with solid trim. It really depends on how you intend to finish the project. Paint or stain and seal. If you are intending to stain and seal, depending on the design, the edge treatments can be a challenge. Good luck!


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        Your back will thank you for making it in sections. There is loads of designs for such cabinets, along with details on joinery and constrcution methods that apply to most any design. I'd get your wife to look at some designs/pictures to see what she wants, as there are a wide range of options. One word of caution----before building one----make a paper template of the footprint and try it in your dining room or wherever you're going to put it. You can easily get something that is simply too big for today's rather small dining rooms---you don't want to wait for next Thanksgiving to find out guests have to crawel over eachother to get seated.


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          Thanks guys, have done some searching on the web and in some stores. Getting lots of good ideas.