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Problem with TS3650 Tilt Mech

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  • Problem with TS3650 Tilt Mech

    The threaded tilt rod on my TS3650 has slipped out of the tilt nut. Is there any chance that I can remove the rod to put it back in? So far I don't see a way to get the rod to budge.

    Anyone else ever have this issue?

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    Re: Problem with TS3650 Tilt Mech

    Strangely similar to a problem reported by another member. Strange only in that they should happen within a few days of each other.

    Download the exploded diagram for the TS3650 and study the assembly, see pages 18 & 19. If you can't find it you can download a copy here:
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      Re: Problem with TS3650 Tilt Mech

      I was able to pop it back in by loosening the trunnion bolts while it was on its side. The only issue I have now is my blade seems to be sitting really close to left-hand side (maybe a 16th of an inch) and won't tilt past about 15 degrees before touching the side of the table insert. The manual says to correct this issue to move front trunnion - however it isn't clear exactly how you move the trunion. I've got a few ideas, but can anyone tell me for sure?