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Need a drill bit set recommendation

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  • Need a drill bit set recommendation

    Most of my drill bits are useless. They were low quality to begin with. Anyway, I need a set that will only be drilling wood. A set from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch bits for a 1/2 inch chuck would do.
    Can anyone recommend some that will drill well and last. All I ever see in my area are dewalt, ryobi,craftsman and vermont american. I've used vermont american and they are not even worth the low price. If dewalt, craftsman and ryobi are no good I don't mind buying a set of something else on the internet.Please help or I'll be sharpening my toenails to make holes.

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    Take a look at the sets at
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      I had a drawerful of dull bits and I decided to try the Drill Doctor. It's pretty much fool proof. You can also sharpen your bits on a grinder but I was never very good at that. I think it's well worth the money and anytime a bit starts to get dull you can touch it up in a minute or two. I haven't noticed much difference in durability between the brands.


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        Just curious, are these for a hand drill or drill press? Are these for wood only, do you want brad points?

        My suggestion is to have different sets for different purposes (house, wood twist, wood brad point, metal tapping, metal working, etc). A drill doctor is also a good suggestion.


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          If you want a bit that holds an edge, get a Hansen. Expensive, around 150 bucks for the set you mentioned. I own several Hansen bits, but of perticular size. I sharpen them on a grinder with a jig, since I owned it for years I forget the name of it.

          I also own 2 sets of SteelX bits, both Tit. Nit. One reg tip, one brad point. Neither set touchs metel. Only the Hansens. Both SteelX sets were 15 bucks each sale from Grizzly. I have no complaints with either set.

          FYI, I can't turn a Hansen bit blue. I stall everything I put it in before it heats up. But I keep them sharp.

          I've read the Drill Dr.'s reviews. May be a nice machine. But for over 20 years I used this $20 jig set up on my Delta grinder, and bore through 1/4 plate steel with a 3/8" bit with no pilot hole with a cheap craftsman hand drill.

          TNT bit sets from steelX from anyone on sale is a good choice for wood. It's what I use. Inexpensive, and effective.
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