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  • I've found a leprechaun!

    Well, not that good, but I did see an Emerson rep. at the local HD today. He was cleaning up, waxing, and adjusting all the displays. Asked him a few questions and he actually knew how the stuff worked. Now, if he would just teach the HD staff what is going on, they'd sell a whole lot more.

    Tried to get a discount on a new DP1550, but was denied. Oh well, no sale today.

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    They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can't teach it differential calculus...



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      I haven't run across a Ridgid rep yet, but then again I don't go to HD very often. I do apparently have a Delta/PC rep that lives in or near my neighborhood. I've seen his truck a number of times. I don't think they could fit too many more stickers on it. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

      As for the DP1550 - I think you'll find it's worth the price even without a discount. It's a huge step up if you're used to one of the typical cheap benchtops.


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        Dad had a run in with the ridgid rep around here a few years ago, he was so impressed he stopped buying ridgid tools all together. Presently I'm in the process of exchanging our old ridgid tools at HD, since before the rep wouldn't go good on them. Funny how a min wage worker wont argue an exchange when it says lifetime warranty on the tool, yet a rep will.

        I also noticed the price of the ridgid lathe, $450 cdn. I've been told I have to wait till my birthday, and thats in December. I can see I'll have to start kicking some *** at work to get a bonus or something.


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          I asked the Ridgid Rep about purchase discount when I was going to buy 9 pieces at once. The reply was that HD purchases the machinery from them, they have no control over price or what HD does for discounts. They instructed me to talk to the store manager.

          When it came time to purchase, I worked with the salesman, and he got me the equivalent to 5.5% of the purchase in free merchandise of my choosing.

          You'll have to talk your way into a discount, saying brand X will give me a discount knowing I'll be back to purchase several other pieces of machinery. It can't hurt, but you have to be forward with your approach and serious. If they offer the discount, make the purchase, don't put it off.
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