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    Has anyone heard of Carbide blades for the ridgid planer.

    I have some old heart Pine boards from a old school that has old gray paint on the shelving boards. I was told that if I had carbide blades; it would cut the paint right off without super dulling the blades.

    I messed up one set after only one board

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    I've heard of carbide edged blades for planers, but am not sure about where to get them specifically for the Ridgid. Places like Grizzly, Hartville, Rockler, and others that sell alot of blades would probably be the types of places.

    That said, I expect them to be very expensive. If you knick a set of $150 blades you won't be happy. I'd advise using an older set of the steel blades, or just create a new "older" set.


    • #3 has carbide "tipped" planer knives. I have there 10" combo blade and it does a great job. I assume there other stock is top notch as well. This link should take you there. Infinity planer blades They look a bit costly though
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        After looking at the prices at Infinity, I would invest in a very good metal detector before I even consider carbide planer knives.

        I don't know about the Ridgid planer but I emailed Freud awhile ago asking if they had planer knives available that would replace the disposeable knives for my DeWalt planer. Their response was that they don't at this time.
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