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Ridgid absence at WW shows

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    Originally posted by Mike3206:
    Dave, I would have to disagree. With the economy being the way it is, I think many people would find it a good thing if they knew how good the Ridgid saw was in comparison to an $800 Delta or Jet. Ridgid tools, for the most part are more cost effective than other name brands and could increase sales because people don't want to pay that extra $200
    I agree
    Andy B.


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      Think you missed my point-----sales were slack and these shows do cost money to get to and man. Vendors who sell even more economical products than Ridgid (like Grizzly, Sunhill, etc.) were also not there. From a business perspective, unless the economy picks up, I think the shows could get smaller and smaller. Therefore, it's probably not the best time to break ground.

      Don't get me wrong---it would be a pleasure to see Ridgid tools, with a factory rep, who actually knew what he was talking about---as opposed to our experiences with HD.


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        This doesn't have anything to do with Ridgid but I was surprised when I saw Dave's post about the decline of vendors at WW shows. I know this is not a blanketing statement but at the one I went to this year, many vendors were surprised at the large amount of sales at the WW show this year compared to previous years. I talked to a few dealers and the consensus was that maybe people were just spending more frugally due to the economy. So when the deals of the WW show came around they brought out their pocketbooks for the cheaper merchandise. A few vendors had sold 2x or more from the previous year. Again, I know that this may not be the case at every WW show, just sharing what I had heard. I'm sorry to hear about the lack of vendors in Sacramento, that had to be disappointing.