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  • Favorite HD Quote

    I'm interested in compiling all the best Home Depot quotes. They might make a good coffee table book some day -- for Lowes executives.

    Here's my first one:
    I was looking for a TS3612 table saw at a local Home Depot. I went to the tool section, and I noticed they had a TS2424 set up, but it had a TS3612 price tag on it. I asked the sales guy if they had a TS3612. His reply: "Oh, it's exactly the same saw."

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    What seems to my favorite lately...

    What the F@#% @&#%$@& @&#%$@ @(*@%#*.

    Or do you mean things that the employees say???


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      At least you get an answer. I got a blank empty stare and was directed to the electrical department.
      Patrick<br /><br />


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        When I was shopping for my TS3612 a few weeks ago, I tried to locate a local HD with the correct display model. After visiting a couple stores & reading posts in this forum, I thought I'd be smart & call the stores in the area. Each time, I asked the power tool employee if they had a display setup of the TS3612. I was very clear to ask them to make sure it wasn't a TS2424 w/the TS3612 price tag. EVERY store out of five told me their floor model was the TS3612. One store even told me they had BOTH the TS2424 & TS3612 setup. Of course, none of the HD stores had a TS3612 on display at all.

        I did manage to get a free dust collector for the TS3612 because they had the old signs up for the TS2424LS which came with extra accessories. Both HD employees in the tool dept acknowledged it was an old sign, but neither of them removed it. In fact, it is still there today, almost a month later.


        P.S. I have since learned that the dust collector is not much of a bonus since it only has a port large enough for a shopvac hose. Plus, it does almost nothing for closing off the back of the saw. Oh well, at least it was free. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          I've got 2 favorites by HD employees.

          "What's rebar?"

          In fairness the employee looked like he was on a work program from high school.

          "We don't carry Clorox Bleach"

          There wasn't any on the shelf in the garden department, but I found 3 displays in front of registers when I went to check out.

          Jim D.
          By my hand As best I can.


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            "yes sir, the whole saw is in this box"

            "gee, I don't know why it says box one of two"

            "well, we found the boxes with the rails in, but they are buried under two other saws on the top shelf"

            "we don't need to open that box to look for damage, that smashed in corner with the six inch hole doesn't mean anything"

            "You still want to look before spending $700.?!"

            "thanks for shopping HD,do you really want help loading that 300 lb. box in your van?"

            Mind you, this was just to buy my 2424...
            \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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              I can't even buy Ridgid tools.
              For a TP1300 it's "we don't carry that", another person will say "we show four on the computer, but I can't find any".
              For a WL1200 it's "you have to go to Utah for that"
              Rob J.
              Orange Ca.
              Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                "You want the DP what 1550??? We don't have dem, but we's got da Ryobi 12in DP and its $150 cheaper and the same; just shorter."

                Thats my favorite from a recent visit to the tool grave a HD.



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                  <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                    I'll shake up that gallon of urathane for you!


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                      My all time favorite;

                      I'm sorry, I don't work in this department, you'll have to find someone who does.
                      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        here's a few more.

                        "Can you hold?" (for 10 minutes!!)
                        "Let me transfer you to that department" (click-DIALTONE)
                        "It's no longer on sale" (even though the sign is sitting there!)

                        My favorite, I have to set this one up.
                        Called looking for price and availability on dado insert and shop vac. I had seen the dado inserts at other stores farther from my house, but didn't want to drive to one of those. Employee helped me with vac question, then said "We don't carry accessories for the Ridgid tools". I went in, talked to the same employee about the vacs again, then turned, saw the dado insert amongst a bunch of other Ridgid accessories and said "I thought you didn't carry any accessories???" I'm glad he felt like an A$$.


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                          When I bought my Ridgid jointer, I walked over to the tool coral. There I could see THREE (3) JP0610 jointers in boxes, right in front. So I told the "sales person" working in the tool coral that I wanted to purchase a Ridgid jointer. I told her the model was JP0610. She ran to the computer and then told me, "We're out of stock on those." I said, "You have three (3) of them right there."

                          She said:

                          "Oh you mean one of those?, yeh we got 'em"

                          TRUE STORY!

                          Eastchester, NY
                          "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways
                          that won't work." -Thomas Alva Edison


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                            After waiting three hours for the Borg to locate the 3612 I wanted to purchase, when it came time to buy a jointer I decided to find the jointer on my own before asking to buy it (at a different HD - I refuse to go back to the other one). I spent all of twenty minutes or less to find it, went to the customer service desk and they found someone to get it down, and I was out the door in under an hour total. If I ever decide to get the Ridgid DP or bandsaw, I'll go with the second method again.


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                              When trying to buy a DP1550 instead of the DP1500 by a middle-aged associate (ie not some kid)...

                              "well, that is your fault for going to a catalog or online instead of just coming into the store"

                              blaming an informed consumer is very customer service oriented [img]smile.gif[/img]