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TS 3650 flatness of extension wings

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  • TS 3650 flatness of extension wings

    I just set up my 3650 and the extension wings are smooth where they join. However the one extension on the 12" side is raised up higher than the center part where the blade is by at least 1/32 of an inch. I did read in Table Saw Magic that I could put a thin shim above the bolt on the extension wing to correct this. If this something that I should worry about?
    thanks in advance

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    I doubt it'll make a big difference in performance, but if you can get it closer with a shim, do it.


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      If you look at it this way----if you're cutting a board from that extension----one end will be 1/32nd higher than the other---this could result in a slight bevel to the cut.

      This will take some tweaking, but certainly is fixable. BTW---before you get too far along, make sure you've got a good arbor, since if you don't feel comfortable changing out a bad arbor, you'd have to take the saw body in for replacement---

      First thing I'd do is take a hand file and push it across both edges to get off any nubs that could be causing this----just a couple of passes on each edge.

      As stated, then, it's simply a matter of shimming until you get it accurate. A couple of good straight edges and good light source (viewing at the table level) will help you get a pretty good alignment----feeler gauge to follow if you want.


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        The arbor is fine. The threads run all the way to the part where it is solid. I took it apart twice when I was putting it together and checked it with a flashlight because the last thread was black instead of silver. I will know when I get a stacked dado cutter. On the flateness I don't think I'll ever see it as it is on the short side where I probably won't that many cuts that far away. I check most of my cuts so if I see any problems I will correct it. I don't want to have to turn that saw upside and back again.
        So far I have only been making test cuts and the inch guage has been dead on every time. I really love this saw so far. I want to make a crosscut sled and wondered what size board everyone uses for the flat base not only length and width but the thickness of the flat board. And do you use both mitre guage runners.
        thanks in advance.


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          Is your problem with a warped wing - or with a wing that's not lining up properly

          If it's not a warpage issue - the shim should definitely work. Maybe you are doing it wrong. To shim - you just slide a piece of thin material in between the wing and your saw - if you need to shim down - make it the top half of the joint - if you need to shim the wing up - put the shim on the bottom of joint.

          I found that masking tape or post it notes work the best b/c of self adhesive. I only needed 1 sheet of post it note - but you may need more.

          Good luck