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    I know this subject has been talked to death, but I need to open it one more time. I am from Ma., but on vaca up in N.H. One of the things that I did on my summer vacation was to go to to look for lumber yards and saw mills up here. I figured that if I could save a few cents per board foot on a few types of wood, it might be worth my while to drive a few extra miles. This has to be one of the most expensive hobbys on the face of the earth.
    Any way, I found several yards, but was disappointed. The only place I found up here that carries mahogany and walnut, are at the same price that I buy it in Stoughton.

    If anybody has a secret yard or mill, and is willing to share this vital info, it would be greatly apprieciated. I do a lot of my projects out of maple. I like working with it, and will continue, but I do want to try working with other species as well.

    Thanks in advace for any data.


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    I can't give you a specific spot but you can try this method. Look at a large map of your area an pick a town about 80 to 100 miles out in a well forested area. Find the local hardware store or hit the market on Sunday and ask around about where the saw mill is ( Hint : all farmers know where the saw mill is). The guy I use has mostly pine but also has a good stock of Hemlock, Maple, Oak. He comes by Walnut and Cherry but you have to be there the right day. The stuff is all air dry buy works just as well as kiln dry (once you sticker it at your place for a few months) and walnut looks better before the kiln.