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  • Bravo to Rigid

    I wanted to give Rigid some kudos and let people know their is hope for those of you with the Craftsmen (Rigid built) table saws that want touse high end stackable dado blades.

    While at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas last month I stopped by the Rigid exhibit and was very impressed with the quantity and quality of the staff in attendance, far better than I have ever seen at a woodworking show. I own a Rigid TS2412 table saw (craftsmen version), which I only have a few small quibbles about and one major issue. I complained about the major issue, the arbor design (it has a dip that causes stackable dado blades to be unable to leave a smooth bottom). The head of training was their and he not only knew what I was talking about right away (the first Rigid person I ever met that knew about this design flaw) he quickly told me that the new arbor with a better design is interchangable. So I won't need to replace my table saw.

    I have had the table saw about five years and after it is set up correctly it cuts as well as one could ever expect from a contractors saw. A good blade, the Craftsmen saws came with a horrible blade, and proper feed techniques and there is no need to use a jointer.
    It isn't a Powermatic 66, but I only paid about $400 dollars for it, so I can't complain.

    Best regards,

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    When you're referring to a "new arbor" are you talking about the 3650 arbor?


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      I rember a post on where the first set of ridgid tablesaws had rolled arbor insted of cut threads. I would talk to ridgid and see if they will send you a new arbor.
      Andy B.