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Finally bought the TS3650!

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  • Finally bought the TS3650!

    After great deliberation for the past few months, I finally broke down and decided to buy the TS3650 saw. I've looked at the Jet Supersaw, the Griz 1023 and contractor, Sears and others. Now it's time to make some sawdust.

    After some discussion with the HD store manager, they honored their initial offer to give me 10% off the purchase with my new HD charge card. So the saw was $512. They were out of the Ridgid jointer until this coming Wednesday, but said they would give me 10% off on it as well, which makes it $314.

    Since my HD card was burning a hole in my pocket (12 months, no interest), I also bought the Porter Cable CFFN250N nailer kit. This was an extra sweeeet deal at $270 with my 10% discount. You get a 6-gallon, 135PSI compressor, 2 complete nailer kits (18 gauge brad nailer and 16 gauge finishing nailer), air hose, couplers, nails, carrying kits and accessories. If all that were not enough, Porter Cable has a mail-in coupon that's good for a free stapler gun kit, if you buy the compressor kit before the end of the year.

    Read about the Porter Cable kit here.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Ridgid has a new line of what appears to be high quality, thin kerf blades that are made for them by Freud. A couple of the store employees who I know and trust said they are awesome! Titanium coated, titanium carbide tips, low vibration, heat expansion slots, etc. They have a lifetime warranty, and are a beautiful gold color. The 50-tooth combination blade was $45.97 and the 90 tooth finishing blade was $64.97. I also got another 10% off on those.

    Read about New Ridgid Blades here.

    All in all, it was a good afternoon at the Orange Box. I'm going to start putting the saw together tonight, and will come back with my comments when I'm done.
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    Congrats all around and enjoy!

    I'm surprised Ridgid didn't use their infamous day glow orange on the saw blades...would have made sense to me...


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      Originally posted by hewood:

      I'm surprised Ridgid didn't use their infamous day glow orange on the saw blades...would have made sense to me...
      CMT might have frowned on that as their blades are already orange.

      Steve, congrats on the new saw, I'm sure you'll be happy with it.
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        I also purchased the TS3650 around a month ago. Never been happier. Used to own a Jet Supersaw, a real mediocre saw. Properly tuned, my TS3650 cuts walnut with an edge cleaner and shinier than a jointer. Herculift will soon be your best friend in your shop. have fun.


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          Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I am starting to feel really good about this purchase. Last night, I only had a couple of hours to work, the same tonight, so I am just taking my time putting this baby together. Last night, I built the stand, and attached the saw to it. It is heavy! After HD helped me load it in my Jeep, I used leverage and a dolly to get it into the garage.

          Using the advice of Andrew B and others, I reinforced the legs and bracing by using large flat washers and fender washers. I was concerned about making sure the stand was stiff with minimal flexing. I don't know how it would have turned out without the washers, but let me tell you, this stand turned out very strong and rigid. There is virtually no flex whatsoever.

          The one time I needed help from my lovely wife was lifting the saw out of the styrofoam and onto some plywood I had laid on the floor. I sprayed some WD40 on the table and wings, and I'm leaving them with the shipping paper on until lI'm ready tonight to clean the top surfaces and add paste wax.

          What has really impressed me is the finish and the fit. I don't know if my table top is any better quality than the one at HD, but it has a mirror finish that's as nice as any I have seen so far.

          So tonight it's paste wax, add the wings and maybe the fence/rails. I'll report back soon.
          There are three kinds of people in this world - those who can count, and those who can't.


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            Congradulations on this awesome saw you just purchased. It took me two days to assemble mine and i did it hastely. Theres a few finishing tuches i need to do to mine. I bought mine in order to replace to craftsman direct drive i used to have that was mediocar on its absolute best day. I young in this hobby/ way of life and do use my tools a good bit. The fit and finish on this saw are awesome and you will so bigin to love all the features this saw has to offer.
            I purcased a 6" dado blade and also made some home made jigs for this saw and it take them well.

            I also plan on purchasing the new bldes by ridgid in the future, i bought one of the circ. framing bldes just to see what kind of difrence it has from a rgular crbide blde.

            If i ever recive the rebate from ridgid .... i want to look into the jointer or some other tools so tell us how yours go when you buy them.

            Thanks Oarngeman


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              Congratulations on buying a great saw. I just bought mine two weeks ago and it works like a dream.
              Regardless of what some say..I think the legs are very sturdy and my saw does not flex at all. I took my sweet time putting it together and barely had to adjust the blade to get it was barely off by less than 1/16th of an inch. Enjoy your saw!


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                Congrats...if your saw is anything like my TS2424 of a few years ago you won't be sorry! I have a shop full of Ridgid tools and am still very satisfied
                - Tim


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                  Originally posted by Badger Dave:
                  CMT might have frowned on that as their blades are already orange.
                  Frowned on it, maybe, but that's all they could do. I don't think anyone owns a trademark on the color orange.