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  • TS2424 rails and fence

    Hello again,
    I purchased a TS2424 about a 2 years ago and at the same time I also bought the retro kit to make it a TS3612, now I have a NEW set of rails and fence. Should I keep these parts or should I sell them? The only thing I could see keeping is the fence if something should go bad on mine or am I just being peranoid.If so what are they worth.

    Thanks, Jason

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    What retro kit? The only set of rails & fence that I have seen being sold by Ridgid was the 2424 set not the 3612.

    Do you have a set of 3612 rails and the 3612 fence?



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      I have a new set of rails and fence from a TS2424 they never were bolted to the saw.


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        Tuff, I wish you posted this last week.

        I just bought a "left over" set of rails for my 2424 for $50...without the fence. I'll give ya $25 for the fence.

        Don't think you need an extra set as rails and fences don't really ware out. And you can't match them up to the ones you have installed on your saw.

        You'll have no problem selling your extra stuff.

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        keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.