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BS 1400 alignment problem

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  • BS 1400 alignment problem

    I need some help/counsel on why my new saw will not cut a line parallel with the mitre slot or a fence set parallel to the slot. Could it be a defective blade? I have checked every adjustment with the guides several times but no matter what it pulls the test cut left on the mitre or the work oiece off the fence. Someone please help.

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    This subject has been covered thoroughly in recent weeks. If you are using the blade that came with your saw, that is probably the problem. Replace it with a quality blade and you will be way ahead. You can do a search for other possible causes and solutions, but I think a good blade is all you need.
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      Let me guess. As you push the stock through the blade, the blade wants to drift to the left? It's the stock blade...but. All standard blades have a slight amount of drift. I've sharpened a few myself, and incountered a blade that will drift both directions.

      If this is the Ridgid saw, and Ridgid Fence, drift can be countered by the dual fence locking points. The stock blade I had drifted so bad the fence would not adjust far enough to compinsate for drift of the blade.

      I've have Olsen Pro, Timber Wolf, and some Grizzly blades. They are all unique pertaining to drift. I will say the Olsen Pro blades seam to be the most consistant and accurate. I think the Timber Wolf blades dull faster than the price can justify.
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        Thank you for the help. The blade seemed to be the only cause I had left. The quality of the weld on the blade had me wondering about the quality of the blade in general. I will try the suggestions. Thank you again.