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  • table extensions/aftermarket fences

    I just bought the 3650 and am pretty happy with is so far. Reading this forum can scare the cr** out of you though! Anyway - I want to add a table extension to help with larger pieces. I cant butt a table right up to and flush with the table saw because of the fence. I could build around it but I like the others i have seen that look like part of the saw when completed. Is there anyone with a suggestion on how to accomplish this and a aftermarket fence they might suggest?

    Thanks in advance
    MDW US Army (Ret)

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    I use my router table placed lengthwise as the outfeed. I have Melamine with a strip of hard wood fastened on the bottom that fits in my router tables miter slot to lock it horizontally in place and then I have a strip at the right side of the router table to keep the Melamine from moving backward. The table height is adjusted slightly lower than the table saw when the Melamine is in place. Using a top like this prevents the wood from catching in the vertical slots I put in my router table for the fence. It also allows me to extend the Melamine right up to the saw, yet the router table is about a foot away, giving clearance for the motor. You have to router a groove underneath on one side of the Melamine to prevent the motor fan from hitting it when the saw is tilted to 45. Works great.

    When I want to use the router table, I just lift off the Melamine, reinstall the fence and move the table away from the saw enough to feed.

    You say you just purchased the saw. Have you given the stock fence much use? It's really one of the best standard issue fences I've ever encountered. It doesn't shift when you lock it down and it locks down tight. Very convenient having slots in the fence for adding a Melamine or Phenolic face. Even a sacrificial fence or feather board could be used in those slots, although I prefer to clamp those over top.

    If you still want to upgrade, Biesemeyer is hands down, the best fence you can get in the US. Any place, including Home Depot that can order Delta can order Biesemeyer. You can get reduced fences direct from Biesemeyer that have small blemishes.

    Enjoy your saw!


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      I remember posts on this forum in the past about outfeed extentions on older versions of the rigid ts.Angle iron was used tp attach the extention to the saw.I don't know if cutbuff is still on this forum,but he had a picture posted of one here,if this works,Topic: Looking for a outfeed table design: Pictures of your outfeed table,if you can't link from this do a search to find it.You may be able to send a e-mail to cubuff and get his plans.


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        Well, your case is a perfect example of something that should have been considered before buying----not being critical of you at all---it's just that such things generally cost less up front than later---of course I did the exact same thing after a year of owning my old Craftsman--but my motivation was a crumby fence---something, at least you don't have.

        I thing a great deal depends on what you ultimately want----how wide an extension----adding the weight of a router, etc.

        The thing is, while the Herc-u-lift is a great base, it's designed for a restricted center of gravity and if you add an unsupported extension, you could have problems.

        I believe the rails on your 3650 are aluminim or at least the fence is---and with the mobile base balance----my advice would be build a mobile cart that will slide into the side of the existing saw---then, you'll have no balance problems---about the only thing you'd have to worry about is if your floor is out of level enough to affect the relative heights of the saw and mobile cart.

        You could also make the "cart" into an actual router table (a la Norm's design) but with the ultimate height to match the table saw.

        Lots of ways to handle the problem---this is just one.


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          I bought a Mulecab router extension that fits in open area of the 3650 so I have a huge work area. I am going to put legs on it but I can tell you there is no problem with the balance of the saw with it and my heavy Makita router sitting in there. I am going to build the table saw outfeed at this web address
          and that will take care of the outfeed problem. I am actually thinking about mounting my shopvac underneath this saw as well as I don't have a regular dust collector and this is in my garage so I will just open the door when it gets too dusty.