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  • tp1300

    Proud new owner of this machine. I ran a couple of test pieces, and found that some of them are sniped. Not that bad, can sand out. I tried adjusting the in feed and out feed table, but did not help. Should I be running the board on the center of the knives?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    sorry for double posting


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      Snipe means that the board gets thicker from one end to the other not just at the ends. what is hapening to you (I think cause it happens to me) is that the first and last few inches of the board are thinner. This is caused as the board is fed into the cutter by the front roller but before the back roller engages with the board. I have minimised this by feeding shorter boards on an angle or by feeding long boards with some upward pressure on the board at the begining and end of the cut


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        Jim, if you are sure that the infeed and outfeed tables are level with the planer bed then I believe you will need roller stands to support the longer boards. Have you tried any short pieces, 2ft or less, if there is snipe on short pieces then your tables are not level with the bed.
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          I have only tried short pieces, 1 - 2 ft. One thing that I did forget to mention, and I guess that it is important, is that the end of the tables are not flush with the machine. They st about 1/16 below the machine. But if you run a straight edge to the very end of the table, it is level with that. I hope that this makes sense. Is there an adjustment for the end of the table closest to the machine? The adjustments screws are for the further end. It would have to be at the fulcrum point.



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            there are 4 screws that hold the stamped steel infeed and outfeed tables to the support bars. loosen those screws and you will find that you can now adjust the in/outfeed tables up and down independent of the support arms underneith the table. I use 2 4' levels and lower the cutter head (with the blade turned out of the way) infeed roller onto the levels, this makes it easier to hold the tables in place and tighten all the screws