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Building a Rocking Chair

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  • Building a Rocking Chair

    I want to build a rocking chair for my wife who is expecting our first child. The problem is my woodworking skills are very limited. I have been into this hobby for just over a year and still have a lot to learn (everything has been self taught so far). Also, I dont have a lathe but do have all the other tools I would need.

    In a perfect world I would be able to find someone that could help me with each step of the process and has access to a lathe. But this world is far from prefect so I am wondering what, if any, options do I have? I imagine I could find a plan online and then order the spindles. But even then I would still need a fair of amount of guidance. The seat might be tricky along with other curved parts (bent laminations?) and the joinery.

    I am not opposed to buying one but this is a project that could have a lot of meaning and will be an heirloom. I am not looking for a fancy, overly complicated design. I would love to hear some ideas, if any, on what my options are.

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    Re: Building a Rocking Chair

    There are many styles of rocking chair, plans are abundant. You could pick a shaker style that does not use a bent back arch and has a woven seat.
    You could also buy the chair in kit form, assemble and finish it. The traditional rocking chair with the steam bent back, spindles and carved seat requires a great deal of skill and would be a difficult project to tackle from scratch


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      Re: Building a Rocking Chair

      Thanks for info. I have been doing a little more research and have found a few designs that I may be able to manage. I have also thought about getting an unfinished one but didnt think about a kit, may be my best option.

      But I agree, the tradtional style is beyond my means at this point in time.