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    I have'nt been on this forum a real long time,but I noticed many questions on subjects other than Ridgid tools.Personally,I love it I learn new stuff too! Some advice to anyone,I guess,is to use your libraries around you! I use libraries in two counties.I found one with a ton of newer and older books(some brand new for sale at woodcraft!)on subjects about finishing,tool maintenance,joinery,cabinets,etc. The list goes on and on! Also some good videos too! The ladies at the info desk can find books for you from other libraries in the area! I have made tons of photocopies,and have one heck of a file system to look stuff up in my own little "library".Use those libraries,and use those books for ideas on your own.I still use 'em and probably will continue.Check out as many books as you want!

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    My 2424 has been fitted with:
    a 52" Bies Homeshop fence;
    Homemade right-side table extension;
    Out feed table based on Wood Mag plans (but full width to include the Bies and table extension);
    A link-belt & machined pulleys;
    A Forrest WWII blade;
    A ShopFox mobile base & extension.

    A little here and a little there and soon I got it perfect. Don't think I'll ever have to upgrade.