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Flexdrive to belt drive (possible)???

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  • Flexdrive to belt drive (possible)???

    I have a late 80's craftmans table saw which is flexdrive model #113-241691, I was wondering if it were possible or worth it to convert it the belt drive. I would like to add a sliding table to saw and the flexdrive would be in the way. I have already added an after market fence and it made for a nice upgrade. Or is it time go and purchase a new saw.

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    From what I've been told by some of the guys who worked on Craftsman that it is not really possible to convert the unit to belt drive. Though I've not used one myself, I've been told that a long as the drive cable is in good condition, thats a good saw.



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      Jake, thanks for the reply. Yes it is a good running saw and as far as I know the cable is in good condition. I will see if I can some up with a work around of the flexdrive so that I could still use the sliding table but maybe modify it slightly. The motor is only 1 1/16 hp. and I do plan on doing alot more work on it and with different woods and materials, I hope it will have enough power. It does have a bit of a jump at start-up but after that it does pass the nickel test.