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    Had my pull cord break on my gas compressor after lunch, had 5 guys standing there looking at each other while there were no shingles getting laid and rain on the way, had to think fast. I pulled the recoil off and figured out what size nut was on the crankshaft, chucked up a 3/8 drive socket adapter in my cordless drill motor put the socket on there and presto my compressor now has electric start no more pulling ever again and no worries of the cord breaking.
    I don't no if I am the first to do this or not but man does it work good I am going to take all the recoils of my small engines and they will now all have electric start.

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    Re: Recoil tip

    Thats pretty good.
    "compressor issues"
    was framing a house several years ago.
    the compressor ran out of gas, I yelled down to the laboror to also
    check the oil. he said he did!...ok - good !

    30 mins later it stops with that sickening sound that means it aint gonna
    ever run again.

    he checked the oil in the compressor but not the engine