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    I am new to this site. Just found it this week. Am in the market to buy a jointer. Was looking at the ridgid and the x5 delta. I am experienced around the shop, but this is my first jointer to buy. I am a new owner to the TS3650, the first ridgid tool, and love it so far. Any words of wisdom to wich way to lean. Thanks in advance

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    Hope you get some resolution to decision as if you do lean towards the Rigid they have that 20% off today thru Sunday.
    Good luck - and cannot help you out other than state the 20% thing.....sorry
    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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      These are two different jointers with different pros and cons, so you'll need to do some fondling and deciding about which one you like. The Ridgid is very similar to the Grizzly, Sunhill, Bridgewood, General, Jet, and older PM. The Delta has a rack and pinion fence as well as a stem mounted on off switch. The Delta's fence has some functional advantages while making adjustments, but it also sticks out the back a ways and takes up some space. The stem mount is convenient for reaching the switch, but doesn't allow you to use the fence as auxiliary support for another tool (ie: TS). The Delta is also a bit more expensive...probably quite a gap with the 20% sale @ HD.

      Regardless which one you grab, just make sure the surfaces are flat and the tables coplaner.


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        I just bought the Delta X version 6" jointer and it is really great. But, I was also considering the Ridgid.

        First, the Ridgid seems to sit the lowest to the floor of any that I've seen in person. It's a poor height for me at only 5' 9", but this could be remedied with a mobile base.

        There are currently two versions of the Ridgid----remaining stock/display models of the Emerson-built (no orange) model and the new very orange model with an import (Chinese) motor.

        I have read enough reports of these new motors (specifically in the 2400, jointer and 3650) with problems varying from parts blowing out of the case, to not running or bent fans, etc. that I just didn't want to deal with the new orange model.

        The original model, had nothing but good reviews---but to be frank, reports of poor customer service really had me worried. Had know way of knowing if this would improve, though, there are several people who are getting good response, which is good news.

        What I'd suggest is check your local HDs and see if they have any of the old models left----since they are discontinued (in favor of the orange ones) they might have a disount price----if not, I'd certainly ask the manager. Customer service aside, it's a good jointer at very nice price.

        BTW----the Delta, at $500 on sale, with an $50 additional rebate, or free tool and a coupon book, and 5 year warranty---is also a great deal and while the Ridgid is good, the Delta's worm gear and overall design is great.


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          I have a Ridgid JP610 joiner and it is the best one that I have ever owned, this my third. I also have the Ridgid 13" planeer.