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Rail problem on ts3660

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  • Rail problem on ts3660

    I have aligned the front and back rails to each other so that i get the recomended 8 pages of clearance under the fence for my table saw 3660. Everything is fine with that, but when i used my miter guage fence the other day the bar on the miter fence with the round washer/t-slot thing it hits the back rail. So i lowered the back fence to compensate for that and now I barely have any clearance on the back side of the rip fence and the table.

    Has anyone had this problem? any info would be great.
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    Re: Rail problem on ts3660

    you really only need enough clearance that you don't ever bind while moving the fence.

    If the fence operates smoothly I wouldn't worry about a specific amount of clearance unless you have too much.