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  • Another insert question r4511

    I was tring to make some tongue and groove joints last night for a cab door and the groove cut kept coming out deeper on the ends than in the middle. What I found was the stock insert and 2 zero clearence inserts i made(one out of birch ply and one out of UHMW plastic)were flexing or sagging in the middle.With granite top saw there is not a lip all the way around where the insert lays in so it flexes in the middle.

    Has anyone ran into this problem and what did you do to correct it

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Another insert question r4511

    Don't apply so much downward pressure on the wood at the end of the cut. Try using the technique you would use with a jointer and apply your downward pressure on the outfeed side of the insert. If you're standing off to the side of the blade, this should be a safe method to use.
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      Re: Another insert question r4511

      I have made several ZCI for my craftsman 113. series saw out of 1/4 in birch plywood and what I do, is to shape the insert, then on the back side I laminated a piece of 1/2 in birch plywood that is smaller than the saw throat to stiffen it up, been doing this for years will no problems at all.. No flex in the middle at all, I make cabinets for a living so am familiar with cutting the grooves and having them come out un-even... Dp