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  • TS 2400 or 3612

    recently purchased a ts2400 but thing of buying the 3612 instead. New shop with limited space but may want to build small to large items in the near future when I get done with my wife's list first.. Any help would be great..

    Thanks Dean

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    If you can pull off buying the TS3612, then I would go for it... You will be in love from the minute you flip the switch on... It rolls around nice to if you’re like me and move it a lot... You even have room in the right side of the saw to attach a router table to save even more room in your shop...

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      I did the same thing in 2000 and wound up getting the 2424 the next week instead. If you're not going to transport the saw back and forth to jobsites, the 3612 is the natural choice for your shop. You can make room for it.

      I now own another 2400 for the jobsite and the 2424 for the home shop...I sometimes get to use both, but all the really important cuts get made on the big saw.
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        I actually have both saws, I run some Maintenace crews for a truck line. I LOVE the portability of the 2400,but the 3612 better for the home shop. We carry ours(3612's) around in box trucks so room is not a problem. They have proven reasonably accurate and durable.
        The 2400's we carry in two 3/4 vans,thus the need for compactness.
        Of course at home I do more furniture building so I use a Ryobi BT3000....But we don't want to start that arguement here.
        check out one of vans,

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